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Dealing With Adult Bullies: A Tori Story Tori Talks Podcast

In this podcast episode, Tori spills the tea on the situation she alluded to in her Instagram stories a few weeks back. A fun night out turned out to be not so fun when she discovered the “popular kids” from middle school that bullied others never change. She uses the story to talk about learning moments and how it furthered her desire to stop going out and instead focus on wholesome friendships and wholesome experiences on the weekend. Make sure you follow the podcast on Spotify, Tiktok, and Instagram @toritalkspodcast. If you can please leave a 5 star review on Spotify or Apple Podcasts! — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/tori-talks/support
  1. Dealing With Adult Bullies: A Tori Story
  2. Our World Has A Deficiency Of Authentic Relationships
  3. Dopamine Detoxes, Fasting, & Perfectionism
  4. Progress Isn’t Linear
  5. Life is Like Sex…It’s More Fun With Someone Else

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