Hi, I’m Tori! I made a podcast for a few friends to listen to. Little did I know, it would go viral overnight on TikTok. Now we have a community of thousands all over the world working on small mindset changes to make positive impacts on our lives.

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I’m so glad you’re here!

“your mindset will change your life”

-Tori Kinley

My Journey To Mackinac Island Tori Talks Podcast

In this episode, Tori talks about the events that led to her decision to move to Mackinac Island. She also shares some intimate parts about her journey and struggles she faced along the way. Be sure to subscribe to hear more about her Mackinac Island “Tori Story” — Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/tori-talks/support
  1. My Journey To Mackinac Island
  2. Dealing With Adult Bullies: A Tori Story
  3. Our World Has A Deficiency Of Authentic Relationships
  4. Dopamine Detoxes, Fasting, & Perfectionism
  5. Progress Isn’t Linear


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Wake Up At 5am

I’m here to help even the toughest night owl become an early bird.…

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Hi there! I’m Tori.

Hey my name is Tori 👋🏻 I know very little about a lot of things, but there’s some things that make me pretty interesting. I’ve learned to rewire my brain to be more motivated, have deep thoughts, and love whatever life throws at me. I went viral on TikTok overnight just because I wake up at 5am, and I’ll teach you how too! Listen for motivation, encouragement, story times, and maybe a couple dirty jokes 🤪

I quit my job two days before my TikTok went viral. My plan was to dive head first into starting my Marketing Agency, but now I’m creating free content for you full time. Going from 0 followers to 90K+ overnight was crazy. I feel like I’m doing the work of 10 people as a one person show, with no income to support me.

My content is free for everyone. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DONATE! You can totally come on for free forever and I will still be so glad you’re here. But, if you find value in my content and want to support a stressed-out creator, you can financially support me here:


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